Dr. Weiß

Dentist & Naturopath

My name is Dr. Christina Weiß, and I am a dentist and alternative practitioner.

At beOne beauty, I am dedicated to holistic aesthetics and health maintenance. beOne beauty offers gentle support for fresh-looking skin and a sparkling complexion.

In the Drip Spa, we offer IVs that provide the body with essential substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or homeopathics in a fast way.

In addition to my biological dental work at beOne dental, it is my concern to accompany the patients or customers holistically on their way.

beOne beauty offers a beautiful opportunity to treat yourself to the luxury of an aesthetic treatment or drip infusion as a bit of vacation in between. Afterward, you will get back to your everyday life way more strengthened and refreshed.

I have completed numerous advanced training courses in holistic medicine, homeopathy, infusion therapy, and aesthetics to provide the best service possible. In addition, I have many years of surgical experience in dental implantology, which promise a plus in safety in therapy.

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