For a renewal of the skin

Different active ingredients and vital substances are brought under the skin with extra-thin needles during mesotherapy. These extra-thin needles allow an almost painless but stimulating effect. In its implementation, mesotherapy combines partial reflexology, acupuncture, neural therapy, and medicinal therapy. Through the individually adjusted active ingredients, vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, and homeopathics, a gentle activation and renewal of the skin and an improved collagen synthesis can be achieved.

Local activation of the skin takes place through a small physical stimulus, which can thus better metabolize the introduced active ingredients. The puncture activates the immune defense, which is only a few millimeters deep. Reactively, blood circulation is improved, resulting in a better supply of nutrients and oxygen. Due to the shallow depth of the puncture, there is virtually no removal of the active ingredients via the bloodstream - the result is that the therapeutic agents introduced can develop their maximum effect directly in the skin, for more regeneration and a significantly improved skin appearance.

When used correctly and professionally, mesotherapy has only a very low risk of side effects, and there are almost no complications.  

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